To new beginnings and old endings – A personal perspective

New beginnings and old endings personal perspective – Beginnings and endings occur from the day we are born. Thrust upon us unwillingly at times and sometimes products of our thoughts, action’s and circumstances. Change is a key aspect of all beginnings and endings and some of us have an innate discomfort for change. But change is necessary for progress.

Progress is necessary for growth. Growth is necessary for evolution. Evolution is change and on it goes…

Life, People, circumstances, situations and a myriad of other elements need to begin and/or end for us to evolve, to make way for the new, to present opportunity, for chances. Only when we evolve can we learn and grow. We are pre-conditioned as we develop from childhood with belief systems, value’s and standards which are all so very different from one person to another. Life would be boring if we were all the same, right?

We may all be very individual in personality and soul but we are all capable of learning and developing. People generally seem to associate this with childhood and rarely with adulthood but I have learned on my personal journey through life that we are learning and developing right up until we can no longer learn and develop.

Once I grasped this concept and combined it with my existing innate qualities I was able to harness what was needed to progress me from an unhappy, disenchanting and limited existence. Want to know more about how I did that and also how you can too?

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